Produkte Schlegelhcksler

Stump Grinders

This high-performance Husmann device with the basic designation "HFG (Husmann-Forstgeräte)" achieves even, fine and clean shredding with its special striking technique.

The different drive types for each customer selection guarantee a great number of application options. The hydraulically powered roller floor with forced infeed can be driven with smooth infeed speed.

The shredder is equipped with freely swinging hammers; it offers best power conversion for high throughput performance and energy utilisation by strike transfer via a crushing edge.

This ensures homogeneous shredding of the infeed material without any extensive subsequent shredding. The grain of the shredded material can also be influenced by using a screen or sieve.

The HFG series ranges from the smaller HFG I version, to the HFG II up to the HFG VI. The HFG II is specifically built for gardening, landscaping and municipalities.

The shredding rotor is equipped with freely swinging hammers and works at a speed of 1,500 rpm. The shredded material quality can be determined by the set infeed speed and screw-in sieves and screens.

This mobile system is driven by a 35.9 kW to 70 kW diesel engine. With a total weight (incl. ejection conveyor belt) of 3,000 kg and a length (variable by the available height-adjustable tow-bar) of 5,240 mm, this system can be comfortably transported by the present fleet.

At a throughput of up to 50 cbm/h and a processing diameter of up to 200 mm, the HFG is perfect for greenery care professionals. The HFG IV, HFG V and HFG VI series with attachment motors from 185 kW to 403 kW achieve throughput performances of up to 250 cbm output per hour.