Produkte Holz und Mllbrecher

Volume Reduction and Preliminary Shredding

The slow-running single- and double-shaft crushers by Husmann are used on landfills for volume reduction or preliminary shredding for thermal utilisation.

The crusher shafts are running at a constant 40 rpm and automatically reduce their speed to 10 rpm when higher power is required, so that enormous performance increases are achieved at lighter processing materials. The higher speeds in combination with crusher cutters of different widths process wood at high throughputs. The switchable crushing process also runs in automatic operation and can use the crusher shafts independently of each other in both rotational directions.

Flexible side ridges can be used on either side with screwed-in, adjustable teeth to determine the cutting gap to the shredding teeth. Screwed-in crusher cutters with different applications guarantee for the highest throughput even with difficult shredding materials. Both serial overload protection with an automatic reversing unit and opening of the side ridges protect the crusher when processing massive foreign material.

The crushing system is designed according to the application and therefore can be diversely used either specifically for wood or for the most difficult of materials. The crushing size or quality of supplied material can be determined by a screwed-in crusher bar below the crusher shafts.

The crusher systems are used for waste, household waste, bulky waste, cardboard, paper, wood, waste wood and roots, as well as for foils. The cutters can also process stones, earth and metal. These foreign substances will, however, cause corresponding wear depending on their concentration.

Therefore, the screwed-in crusher tools on the shafts are additionally reinforced with special welding wire and can be replaced with little effort. The service lives of the cutters are 1,000 to 5,000 and more operating hours, depending on processed material.

The drive unit with Sauer hydraulic pumps and slow-running gear motors achieve high service lives. CAT turbo diesel engines from 186 kW to 354 kW or, for stationary systems, electric motors with 200 kW or 2x 160 kW are used. Quality features of the Husmann crusher technology also include the drive torque of up to 130,000 Nm per shaft, level monitoring and overload protection!

Basic crusher data
Type HL Diesel (kW) Hopper opening WxL (mm) Infeed height (mm) weight (kg)
HL I 1222 205
1.200 x 2.260 2.630 ca. 16.000
HL I 1225 205 1.200 x 2.540 2.600 ca. 18.000
HL I 1230 205
1.200 x 3.000 2.600 ca. 18.000
HL UNI 7.5
1.750x 1.560 2.700 ca. 17.000
HL II 1617 354 1.600 x 1.700 2.700 ca. 19.500
HL II 1622 354 1.600 x 2.260 2.700 ca. 21.000