Produkte Holzhcksler

Shredders and wood chippers

Husmann has been producing shredders and wood chippers for more than 25 years.

The wood chipper standard range contains attachment devices with 25 or 80 km/h and a dedicated drive motor, articulated shaft-driven shredding systems in a single model series; special customisations for the customer are possible.

Special technical features and equipment details include:

  • the large feed hopper
  • a special infeed system
  • wide infeed rolls
  • the ejection pipe with large casting distances
  • the extensive underside guard
  • the selected material strength for the overall construction and
  • the service-compatible superstructure
Husmann offers a total of four series. They differ by their processing diameters, infeed size, drive output, blade disc diameter, their size and weight.

All series are produced either as articulate shaft-driven attachment devices or with a chassis and diesel engine.

The designations of the four series, »H5«, »H7«, »H8«, »H10«, are derived from the respective diameter of the cutting disc (500, 700, 800, 1,000 mm). They are equipped with hardened, screwed-on blades that can be sharpened.

The processing diameter of the machines depends on their size and the corresponding cutting discs. Infeed is performed via two hydraulically powered rolls.

Husmann delivers all devices with a silent cut shredding system. This is the manufacturer's designation for a shredding system with clearly reduced noise - based on a special blade and counter-blade alignment and newly developed infeed system.

The advantages are clear:

  • Reduction of the waste volume
  • Re-use of the shredded material
  • Shredding right on site
  • Economic "single-person operation"

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